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this to me; “do you know the difference beweetn a direct tax and an indirect or proportioned tax”? I said plainly that I did not know the difference”. He said; “as an American Citizen of one of the several States, you have an obligation to know the difference”. I was a little stunned by that statement. The way he put it, it did seem important that I know the difference, especially if it was laid out in the Constitution. I said; ”where can I get the information”. He gave me a copy of a document, which was a memorandum of law that explained both the Direct and Indirect Tax and how it was treated by the Constitution. He told me to read it and call me if I wanted to discuss it. He also informed me that he was attending some meetings organized by the Lawman Group started by a guy from Michigan.I took the information and read it very carefully, taking notes and questions as I read. I also went online and looked up the Statutes and the sections of the Constitution discussed in the article, so I took nothing at face value. When I was finished, I was a little stunned and still in a little disbelief. But I knew I was educated, smart and a successful business man, and this paper and my follow up research had just turned my little world upside down.I continued to study and follow the groups that were trying to expose the fraud but my biggest concern was that although I thought the information was correct, no group had a legal process to stop the actions of the Government. In fact, most of the leaders of the movement were being martyred for the cause by going to jail.My position from that point until now was; what good is it to be right if you can’t get legal remedy in the administrative arena or in the courts. I was not going to fall on my sword and take actions that would ruin my business and my family.A couple of months ago someone informed me of the We R US Site and about Chris Chapman, Dave Myrland and Dr. Livingston’s work on getting relief and remedy within the Law. I recognized right away that this program was different. It began with the suggestion that I get educated. Well I thought I was pretty much educated already, but the program said I needed to get the Breaking Your Presumptions of the IRS 8 hour Audio/Video Series, only $59.95 so I bought it. I took several evenings and completed the series and found that it gave a different educational foundation that those in the other segments of the Movement. This program had No Patriot Nonsense, just the Law. One thing that set me back on my heels was the section about a United States Citizen. The discovery that the United State Supreme Court defined in a ruling that the term had three different meanings, and if you were asked by anyone in Government, “are you a Citizen of the United States? your answer this question had to be “which one” or answer describing the one of the three that you know you are.This education and understanding alone was worth the money paid! After my re-education journey, I felt better informed and good that there seemed to be a well laid out set of protocols to follow that gave me the confidence that if I laid the legal foundation I would be in a good position to fight back against those that would just steal my money and my freedom, using power but not the law.One proof of that was clearly laid out in the Breaking Series. When I had assumed that the Supreme Court would correct the wrong doing, I found out in the Series that the Supreme Court did rule correctly on the issue but the IRS and Justice Department just ignore the Supreme Court Ruling. If these people are not even following the Law of the Land or the Supreme Court then this is not the America we signed on for!! I am taking the immediate action to become a Joinder to Dave Myrland’s Criminal Complaint and I’m purchasing Dr. Livingston’s Ultimate Evidence Disk Set. I’ll be filing my Declaration of Domicile and the Documents to opt out of the Social Security. I also learned about these actions in the Breaking Series! I always felt the Social Security system was a pure fraud on the people.This will be the year that I will file the Substitute for Return Document in the Dr. Livingston Ultimate Evidence package instead of a 1040 return. I’m confident in my actions because We R US has provided a protocol that makes sense and that I can clearly understand!!Thanks Again!!Jerry Broadbeck [url=]zsaeiukd[/url] [link=]ukhuxrwu[/link]

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