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Hallo in der Sandkiste :) -- Welcome to the sandbox:

this area can be changed as you like!!! but still you need the password... so it is thought for people that are already members of our joint efford for common knowledge.

If you want to become a commontologist, write a short mail with your motivation to Yox at common minus knowledge dot org. Thanks and cu.

Here is the link to the basic editing pages of the PmWiki Project.

please keep that first few lines for explanation...

mach Dir kein Kopf, das wird schon...

This is some internal links:


here is a link to cycle.cargobike click on "edit" to see the simple wiki syntax...

Bilder einfügen:

1. Upload the pic to the server, or send it to Yox

2. Use the following syntax:

Worn shoes
This shoes are worn nearly everyday for three years. Made in Germany by Schuhwerk.
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Page last modified on January 21, 2016, at 12:58 PM