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The Commontology Vision

Here in the Commontology - the common? | ontology? we find the right place for all common accessible, true and relevant sources of knowledge. It grows slow, but qualitatively. First, we describe the good, healthy, sustainable, beautiful beings, doings and things in the life in our world.

We want to be free of the roaring noise of medial manipulation of doings and habits. That is why you will never find advertisments here, but sincerly links to small producing collectives, workshops and factories. We seek repairable, organic and reusable things to spread the word how they are made. Do it yourself!?

We seek for the relevant? truths? about the simple? life, will you seek with us?

By definition, the Commontology is a interactive platform of all beings. Specially the interests of those beings, who are not able to communicate for themselves via the world wide web, should be represented in appropriate articles. As we live in the time of the 6th mass extinction on our planet earth, we seek to find ways "to live simply, that outher beeings can simply live".

We want to thank those who support the spreading of simple truths and specially those who write? and form the Commontology to become, what it is thought to be one day. Spread the word and contribute!

Please respect, that the Commontology is till now a personal space, in which selected information are shared. What you think is relevant must not be relevant in our eyes, please accept our judgement. If you want to share a good source like texts, pictures, songs, videos, pieces of art, send us a link with a short description to: yox ät common minus knowledge dot org


Sincerly yours,

Yox & fellows

german article on the topic on the german Common Knowledge Wiki, the "Wissensallmende"

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Page last modified on December 04, 2019, at 10:02 AM