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All beings have one feature in common: we have one biological mother and one biological father. Additionally, some of us have social parents, that help to raise the kids of their partners, relatives, friends, sisters or brothers.

To raise kids is a great deed, that brings a lot of joy and good karma. Big thanks to everyone, that give her or his best to the next generation.

Humans are social beings by birth. We should expect that they act social, and they will. Babys can understand and produce sign language? earlier than spoken language ( cp. Wikipedia. We can teach them simple sign to communicate about their basic needs.

Based on the experiences with a tribe that lives a pure natural life in the South American jungle, Jean Liedloff wrote the book "The Continuum Concept", witch challenges the way how parents are usually advised to treat children. Interview with Jeab Liedloff (approx. 1h).

[[| Ingrid Bauer on natural child care without dipers]].

A wonderfull painting about nursing by Alex Grey.

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