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Humans need a shelter to take a rest, have a roof over their head when it is raining, short to have a home. This shelter is usually where we have our bed, keep our personal belongings, run a food storage? and a kitchen?.

In this world we live in, shelters are sold for immense prices. Most of us humans are landless - we simply do not own no place. That is why we have to rent a shelter, which makes us dependent.

Most of the shelters build in these days are made out of concrete. This needs a lot of energy and technology. We humans would save a lot of effort, if we would build more with simple materials like clay, cob, strawbales, round wood, recycled materials, etc.

Also it would be good to use passive solar energy, heat pumps, photovoltaik, solar heat, etc.

There are simple ways of building, that we want to promote. Listen to what Jon Jandai says about building: "Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?".

Today, many people even getting sick by poisons that are used mainly for the conservation of woods, are used for plastics... so many people favor natural materials. The website shows a lot of examples of genuine building with natural materials. A wonderful material is specially simple clay, with witch we can plaster walls.

For a good shelter we wish to have a nice fire place and oven?.

Ideas to overcome the problems of finding a shelter:

The is a organisation, that developed a concept, how community houses are owened by their inhabitants permanently. If you move in, you become a owner of the house you move in without paying anything. If you move out, you are not longer owner of the house. Also the inhabitants are not able to sell their house. For more detailed infos check their homepage.

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Page last modified on February 16, 2017, at 03:29 PM