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We are nurished and healed by food. If we don't get regularly good food, we get weak and sick.

The basis of a healthy meal are plants. Fresh, dried, sproutet, cooked -- anyway, most of our food contains of plants.

So, to produce food, we need to plant seeds? and let them grow. Give water, sun light, good earth and love to our plant. So they grow and can be eaten: be.plant.edible.

Our today economy perverts this fact. We just play a supermarket game in which food is a product that only can be bought and sold. In the consequence, we regard ourselves not as a part of nature, more as an consumer. Sad, but true. Nevertheless, there are plenty people that withstand this mainstream.

be.human.don' sugar?

Check out this rap by Dead Prez: Healthy Living. Gorgeous!

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Page last modified on July 06, 2015, at 07:59 PM