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Once we humans lived in a world made of wood, clay, textile and stone.

Today, we live in an plastic world: When did we become a plastic society?

Plastics are plenty of different human made materials, most of it made out of petrol? by the human creed. Most of it is hazardous to environment. We should ban its use where ever possible.

But still, there is so much plastic in the world... We should use it:

Precious Plastic is a initiative to develope machines to recycle plastic. On top of that, these machines are modular?, open source?, inclusive? and to be build yourself?!!!

The founder of Precious Plastics has an interesting Youtube channel, where we may learn a lot about plastics and the possibilities of recycling it.

There are plenty alternatives:

Edible Cutlery by Bakeys

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Page last modified on April 08, 2016, at 07:07 PM