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We humans need certain circumstances to be healthy:

  • food: fresh vegetables and dried plant parts
  • community: family and friends to feel at home
  • home: time and a place to eat, sleep and relax
  • meaningful occupation: being helpful to others

There are plenty pages on healthy living, a lot of them is hoaxes. This one is quite good: Zentrum der Gesundheit.

We want to describe here nothing less than the knowledge about life. The roots of our engagement reaches back to the sanskrit times, when the ayur (life) veda (knowledge) was discussed and finally written down (cp. . Also the Traditional Chinese Medicine can proove a deep understanding of the flow of chi (life energy) though the body. Today there are several traditions of healing. It will be a hard job to identify right from wrong. To speak clearly: the mainly propaganded way of pharmaceutic treatment of pathologies is dangerous and brings more missery and health problems than it cures.

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Page last modified on December 28, 2015, at 09:20 AM