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The idea of the "Gemeinwohl Ökonomie" (engl. "common wealth economy", or just "ecommony") just won the Spanish environmental price.

Here is a deep explanation of the idea of an ecommony in German: (would someone translate the text into english? We may publish it just here).

There is a bestseller book "Reinventing Organisations" by Frederic Laloux, that investigates how innovative organisations work: rather like a organism than a machine. This is the basic mind shift, the new "integral paradigm", that is described in the book. Frederic found astonishing similarities found independently in organisations on the search for a new way of working together: selforganised teams instead of a hiracial pyramid of bosses, dynamic independent planing instead of budgeting and overall strategies, acting toward sense instead making money. Here is a short introduction into his findings by Frederic Laloux on Youtube.

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Page last modified on January 26, 2017, at 09:09 PM