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A cargobike is a bicycle, that can carry heavy and bulky loads (WP). It is the core concept of transport in postfossile cities. Cargobikes were used a lot, before the local transport was motorised. In Asia there is a long tradition of cycle rikshaws.

Description of the concept "cargobike" ("Lastenrad") in german.

Here is a typology of cargobikes. (again in german, but you can let it translate...)

There is also the possibility of coupling a cargo trailer to a usual cycle or e-bike. e.g. the "Carla Cargo" cycle trailer with an build in e-motor.

Here is a page in german, that gives support in building cargo bikes out of cycle trash the DIY? way: Wiki - Wissensallmende rund um das Thema Lastenrad-Selbstbau (common knowledge around the topic build your own cargobike).

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Page last modified on April 18, 2016, at 09:44 AM