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You, as you can read this sentence, seem to be a human, a homo sapiens. Here is a slideshow about humans by the wikipedia project. Yes, we are a highly developed mammal. The main difference to other mammals is our huge brain and thus the intelectual capacity of our mind. Every human has a reason to live, and if one doesn't know it any more, we might get sick.

We should live a simple and pure life. Ilan Ashkenazi about life in happiness.

We may differianciate the human being into several layers - in sansktit called the "chakras" the lower we share with other mamels, while the higher are in its full expression unique to the human being. Beeing truly and fully human means for us to integrate all of our levels.

Actually, to be human is really easy, even though we often make it difficult. We humans should focus on living happy and healthy:

Jon Jandai brings in a TED speech the simple human needs to the point.

  3. be.human.need.shelter
  4. be.human.need.medicine

As none of us produce everything she or he needs, we need ways to share goods. A truely progressive way is human.non-commercializm, which would lead to an human.ecommony if it is realized.

To achieve this, we nee:

  1. be.human.need.knowledge

If humans miss one of this circumstances in our life for some time, humans get sick.

We should follow some basic rules of human conduct.

Unfortunally a lot of humans face discrimination due to the colour of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation or their belives.

be.human.act.wise live do.sing

be.human.know.religion love.god

Humans often live in family-based social structures: be.human.give.birth and

be.human.think sei.mensch.denke?

human.body human.body.breath? be.human.stop.smoking?

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Page last modified on July 22, 2021, at 10:44 PM