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"Common knowledge" is a term of the game theory, that refers to the shared knowledge of all players. Every game has a set of common knowledge, that is required to play the game. E.g. every player has to know at least the aand the basic rules of the game. The term "common knowledge" explained on the website of the Stanford university.

This Common Knowledge Wiki tries to explicate and illustrate the common knowledge that we humans need to play the game of life in a succesfull and respectfull manner. If we succeed in presenting the relevant truths in a highly usable interface (which this wiki is not yet), we will call the result the "Commontology" - the semantically ordered, consensual and common description of all knowledge about the beings, doings and things in our world. We offer a place in the internet for independent information about our world. We want to find our consensus in circles of wise and integer minds.

If you want to contribute, write a short mail to yox at common - knowledge dot org .

The term "common knowledge" in the german Wikipedia (sorry, you need some common knowledge of the german language game to understand...).

There is an awesome initative for a easy publishing and funding of research papers:

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