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It is not long ago, that we humans found a new magic thing:

The electronics! You, as you are looking on the screen of your little computer or smartphone or whatever...

The everyday life of a lot of people ist full of contact to electronics. There are studies, that we spend in mean over 8 hours infront of screens.

Our ancestors could not imagine such things!

And yes, there are some usefull and properly made devices. Yes we need the electronic things right now.

If you want to find DIY knowledge ressources for solar electric power systems check out the DIY Solar & Renewable Energy Resource Library.

Also a good open source:

Each of these needs energy? to work, which is in most cases stored in batteries. Yes you can fix a cracked screen, if you are carefull and work clean and properly... there are hundred of explanations how to do this e.g. on youtube. You may start a list here, if you want... cheers, Yox (comments to yox at common-knowledge dot org)

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Page last modified on October 30, 2021, at 08:02 AM