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Eat /


To eat wholesome means, to eat food, that covers all your needs.

There are several factors, that may cause a malnutrition:

sugar -

fat -

meat -

vitamines -

iron - critically check e.g.: Swiss iron network e.g. check the values of milet (Hise); beans and lentils (Bohnen und Linsen); Almonds (Mandeln); dried apricots (Getrocknete Aprikosen); and sure, to eat the blood of other beings (Blutwurst) is a way to aquire iron, but it is not the most ethical and should be regarded as an therapy for anemie (Anämie). For vegetarians and vegans there are plenty ways of giving your body the iron you need. The Blog "Bevegt" on iron (in german). food.haemoglobin

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Page last modified on January 28, 2016, at 11:41 PM