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We have several reasons for a plant based nutrition?:

  • ethical reasons: animals are ensouled beings that we should respect as our sisters and brothers.
  • reasons of health: a lot of studies, e.g. the China Study prove, that a equilibrated plant based nutrition is the most healthy way of caring for our body
  • reasons of food equality: all humans need food. If we feed animals with plants to eat the animals, we consume much more plants than we could ever eat.

It is a horrible fact, that some humans make money through the speculation on food, while other humans can't afford their daily bread.

Be aware, that there are substances, that are im high doses in animalic foods bit only in low doses in some vegetal foods. These are: iron, vitamin b12. Still, it is possible to cover these needs of your body with vegan foods. So the chlorella algae is a good supplement for covering the B12 needs of your body. For the iron, just go to the next little wild field and gather some stinging-nettle? and cook a nice spinach? out of it.

There are many indicators, that in the next years, eating meat will be regarded differently from the past decads.

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Page last modified on June 24, 2020, at 08:03 AM