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The human being is able to do a lot of things. Even though a lot of knowledge of "how to do things" is quite special and only done by a small circle of professionals. But nevertheless: everyone of us can learn a lot more of the techniques to do things that have to be done. Since the internet exists, it has been a wonderful place on how to do thing. So today, we find plenty of video tutorials on "how to...".

In this move, the is "trying to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything". Marvelous! So in out "do" pages, you can find a well sorted description on what humans can do, with links to tutorials and books about this topic.

do.learn do.give away do.reuse do.reduce? do.recycle do.produce?

do.think: think.common?. think.commontology, think.equality?, think.politics?, think.usability,...

Wonderful: Do sing a song. Do plant a plant. Do care for others?. ...


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Page last modified on December 01, 2015, at 07:44 PM