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We are. All living beings are one in the lap of mother earth that share space?, matter and time. We are humans. We are animals. We are plants. We are fungus. We are a part of mother earth. We are the elements. We are the mountains?. We are the rivers and oceans?.

Beings have certain needs?, that they need to be fulfilled in order to be healthy and happy.

"To be or not to be. That is the question!" (William Shakespeare in Hamlet).

In old Greek, "to on" means "to be". Thus, an "ontology?" is the "logos" (the word, the idea, the concept...) of everything that "is" in this world. The Commontology is the attempt to create a common ontology for humankind.

It is a longstanding question, whether we asign the god or the gods an own ontological status as beings, or if we recognize them just as projections of the human mind?. We want to give space for both perspectives on god(s) in all the religions and philosophical traditions, so we have both pages. The first as a common page for belivers of various traditions, the second as a common page for the various forms of atheists and agnostics tp explain why humans recognize god(s) in world.

be.matter --> what is the ontological status of matter? Is it a being or is it a thing? It could be a threshold, that natural matters are subsumed under the ontological category of be.matter while everything that is humanmade, is recognized as a thing.

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Page last modified on February 24, 2016, at 11:58 AM