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We are the children of mother earth. That is why, the greeks mythology regards her as Mother Gaia and all cultures have their equivalent to this human concept.

Actually, on this planet everything is given to lead a happy life. But we have to use our recources in a appropriate way. This picture gallery shows the human impact on the world in sad pictures: Overpopulation and overconsumption in pictures.

We need a new culture of reducing?, reusing and recycling (not only) plastic items. We need a new culture of meeting our needs with sustainable solutions. The Clob of Rome published a Climate Emergency Plan how we can rescue our mother earth. Let's do our best to keep her a healthy environment for our children and grand children.

Initiatives for a healthy planet:

Club of Rome

Global Marshall Plan


The Sea is Rising and so are We - Extinction Rebellion performance video (on YouTube 2:09)

It may be, that other planets and the impact of meteorides influences the happenings on Mother Earth. Venus, Mars?,

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Page last modified on October 03, 2019, at 10:12 PM